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14010 N. US Hwy 183, #400

Austin, TX 78717

Welcome to Pflugerville

The suburb with the funny name! Yes, the “P” is silent. Another benefactor of new roads, Pflugerville is the closest suburb to North Austin and has been booming due to the Hwy 45 toll and Hwy 130 toll road expansion. Plenty of older neighborhoods with $250K and up homes, but tons of new master-planned subdivisions popping up every day. Pflugerville was originally a very rich farmland, so think of flat prairie-like land. While it may not be the hill country you can’t beat the price per square foot for new homes.  Many young families find Pflugerville a great option as Austin gets less affordable because they can be downtown in 25 minutes and enjoy a home with plenty of room to grow in to. Tons of nearby shopping like Costco and all the big box stores bring convenience close to home. Check out Falcon Pointe, Blackhawk, Carmel, Highland Park, and Avalon neighborhoods just to name a few. Homes are priced from $250K-$600K.